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Suffering from back pain? We offer a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatment options to help you find relief.

  • Back pain is nerve pain. We provide the region’s leading neurosurgeons focused on relieving back pain.
  • We provide the region’s leading minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Less invasive means less pain and faster recovery.

Hugging a child. Carrying your groceries. Twisting off a bottle cap. The simple activities of everyday life can become everyday tortures with back pain. And the problem is common — in fact, 80 % of adults experience back pain at some point. But when that pain is persistent and begins to limit your life or work, come talk with the experts at the region’s only neurosurgical back pain program.

At Erlanger, everyone gets the attention of spine and orthopaedic spine specialists who are recognized leaders in their areas of focus. Patients are often surprised that surgery isn’t the only option. As an academic practice, Erlanger Neurosurgery and Spine practices the latest comprehensive, non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation. Often, a change in body mechanics paired with simple home treatment can bring relief and healing.

If surgery is the next step, we offer a wide variety of surgical options to help correct your spine disorders, including minimally-invasive techniques. Aided with the latest technologies, our surgeons are allowing for smaller incisions, greater precision and faster patient recovery. It all means a better outcome and faster recovery.

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